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Janet Nault is fantastic!

I have known her for years and she has always been interested in nutrition and how it impacts the body.  I have been working with her for a while on my own nutrition and she has been very thorough and helpful to me.   She is available to answer any questions I have and her knowledge about how supplements work to make you feel better has helped me tremendously.   

Gretchen Courtney MacDonald


Janet Nault has been a friend for several years and I enjoy her upbeat and joyful personality.  It wasn’t until recently that I asked if she could help me get control of my ever increasing weight gain.  I had been fussing with the diet process for about 18 months and the 30 pounds was still hanging on.  Not understanding why the weight was not falling off as in previous years and knowing that she is a weight loss clinician I gave her a call.  Feeling like I needed a mentor to take me through the process.

Upon her first visit I realized that this was going to money well spent.   It wasn’t just the diet process she was addressing but the need to look at the reasons why I was not losing the weight.  She had me do a simple test for Candida which showed I was straggling with yeast overgrowth.  She tested to see if I had enough hydrochloric acid to aid in my digestion which I did not. She did a simple test to see if my thyroid gland was working properly which it was not.  She also tested my adrenal glands and discovered they were exhausted.  She got me on some adrenal support right away and I started feeling better in four days.  I started taking a natural thyroid pill that I was taking in the past but had stopped taking for who knows what reason.  

On her second visit we addressed why I was not sleeping at night.  She had several tricks up her sleeves to help with giving me a sound night’s sleep.  To sleep eight or nine hours at night has been a very precious gift indeed!  A gift I am now enjoying. 

I have been working with Janet for three weeks and have lost over 10 pounds and a total of 11 inches from my body. She has plans to help me do a liver cleans in weeks to come and will continue to mentor me through the next 20 pounds.  I am so excited about my progress, about my increase in energy and about sleeping through the night.  Not only has she brought her knowledge and wisdom to me about weight loses but she has brought a spirit of hope when I was feeling very hopeless in this area.

Anne Wooldridge, a very delighted customer indeed!


"I have known Janet Nault for over 25 years plus have utilized her expertise with nutrition and health during this time. She has been very knowledgable & progressive  in her advice while giving me individual attention to help meet my fitness and health needs. I recommend Janet's Wise advice and support her completely".

Karen Conley


I have known Janet Nault for 15 years.  She is consistently reviewing different and new natural alternative remedies and treatments.

I recently reached a health crisis with diabetes.  My blood glucose numbers would not stay under 200.  I was taking massive amounts of insulin and was experiencing bad side effects.  I contacted Janet for help.  She put me on a program she had come to trust over the last several years.  

I am having great results not only with my out of control blood sugar level but I am losing weight at a good rate.  I think this speaks well for the combination of products Janet designed for my particular program.

Dana Swain


I have been working with Janet N for many years on health and weight loss issues.  If you are in need of a NTP I would highly recommend her. Her honesty with issues, caring attitude and knowledge have been much appreciated in my experiences with her.


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