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You possess a gift, a power that you were born with that you can use to transform the quality of your life right now.  This power and energy is innate intelligence-the knowledge and guiding force of your body.  This is an inborn power which controls every cell, organ, and function in your body, allowing it to adapt to the environment in order to survive.  This energy cannot be located or explained, but we know only that it exists and guides every living thing.  We simply accept that all living things have this inborn intelligence.  This intelligence is a product of your body and brain working simultaneously together.  Innate intelligence is not a product of education or learned behavior, but rather the knowledge every living entity is born with.  It doesn’t operate on a basis of thinking or thought process, but more like an organized self-awareness.  That same awareness that tell birds to fly south or plants to turn toward the sun.  It is a wisdom within the body, enacted by innate intelligence, directing vital forces and energies of life through the use of a complicated network of electrical impulses called the nervous system.  However, this inborn wisdom, works best without interference.  Interference with neural transmission can be caused directly or indirectly by subluxations in the spinal column.  Chiropractic health care, with this art, science, and philosophy, allows the body to work as naturally as possible by eliminating distortion or nerve stress.  By adjusting a person’s spine, it corrects the malfunctioning member or the subluxation.  A chiropractor better allows the power and energy of the body to function at a higher level, thus utilizing the body’s own energy to heal.  




The chiropractor not only treats the “vertebral subluxation,” they generate faster drug-free relief and better results naturally.  They adjust using carefully directed and controlled pressure, demonstrating the art of chiropractic proven by science and explained by philosophy.  They return spinal bones to their normal position and motion, allowing the nervous system to control the functions and organs of the body.  As the nervous system receives less interference, the innate power, energy, wisdom, and intelligence of the body will be better equipped to heal itself.  The chiropractor does not treat disease, they adjust vertebral subluxation, enabling one’s own immune system to treat and heal.  The chiropractic adjustment to the body is not intended to cure disease or lesson pain-it merely removes nerve stress allowing the body to work towards curing itself.  Whatever the condition of the body, chiropractic is limited to the healing power of the adjusted body.  Limited or unlimited, the patient should have more energy and a stronger, healthier body following the chiropractic adjustment.  




Chiropractic acts to remove distortions and stress from the spinal column, allowing the nervous system to function properly.  A functional nervous system can control the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.  


The nervous system is composed of neurons which produce electrochemical impulses up and down the spinal cord, through the brain, spinal nerve roots and every nerve of your body.  Interference with this complex system of transmission can be caused directly or indirectly by subluxations in the spinal column.  Action potential, or nerve impulse across the synapse, can be slowed or blocked by subluxation.  The chiropractor acts to remove this subluxation.  With the correction of this malfunctioning member or the absence of subluxation, the disease resistance of the body will increase.  A stress-free nervous system frees the body’s immune system, giving a greater level of health to the body.  




With a stress-free nervous system, an increased resistance to common illnesses and disease, as well as the complex viruses and allergies, are evident.  The immune system is freed to run at a smoother, more enhanced level of efficiency, allowing one’s body to restore itself to a greater level of health.  


The immune system includes all structures and processes that provide against potential viruses and disease-causing agents or pathogens.  Immune protection is provided by such body mechanisms as fever, release of interferons, and innate intelligence.  


Chiropractic care will enhance an active, functioning, immune system, promoting a disease-free body.  Chiropractic can aid in protecting a person from illness.




Chiropractic care can promote a lifestyle of vibrant health and energy.  Chiropractic must be however, assisted by a healthy diet, water intake and exercise.  Nutrition plays an important role in the maintenance of a positive state of health.  Proper diet and nutrients also play an essential part in maintaining your body’s metabolism and functioning processes.  In addition, water intake is vital to your body’s well-being.  The importance of water intake is to aid bladder, kidney, skin, lungs, and all major systems to the body to function properly.  Thirst alone should not be an indicator for water intake.  Generally, and adult should drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily.  Exercise is also a necessary part of our daily life.  Lack of exercise causes your body’s muscles to weaken, providing less strength and energy to perform.  Health authorities have never questioned the importance of exercise, diet, and water intake as essential to good health.  




The chiropractic adjustment, influence of exercise and proper nutrition all allow the body to function incredibly well.  But chiropractic is not merely a method of adjusting a person’s spine or correcting subluxations.  It is a set of beliefs about the human body i.e. good mental attitude.  Emotional stress can play a damaging role on the body.  This stress can cause your vertebra to suffer from abnormal position.  Emotional stress promotes, depicts, and exhibits high –strung behavior.  We must condition our mind as well as our body.  Enthusiasm, positive self-esteem, joyfulness, courage, confidence, optimism, trust, friendships, love and awareness are vital to our health and well-being.  If you view yourself as someone of value, if you possess honesty, if you are positive and enthusiastic, stressful situations are not as troublesome.  If you are able to install these qualities, your fulfillment and wellness will increase.  By altering your attitude, you will have better mental and physical health and consequently enjoy life more.  




Chiropractic is a philosophy of things natural-a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand, for the correction of the cause of dis-ease.  Chiropractic is a healing art based on the scientific fact that your nervous system controls the function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body.  The doctor of chiropractic locates and corrects areas of the spine that are interfering with the nervous system.  With a distortion-free nervous system, the body is able to work as naturally as possible.  With a freed spinal column there is an increased resistance to both illness and disease due to a strengthened immune system.


Upon starting care, you will learn why chiropractic works.  Its concepts and philosophy are quite unique, but innately simple once you begin to accept its premise.  Following your first adjustment, you should feel more energetic, stronger, and healthier.   As you become familiar with this way of thinking, ask yourself.  Does chiropractic make sense?  Does chiropractic produce results?  Yes, chiropractic makes perfect sense, and has been producing positive results since the first chiropractic adjustment performed on September 18, 1895.


Mark Huck D.C., C.C.W.P.




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