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SOCCER…….I’ve had the wonderful chance to play this great game for many years in different countries and know coaching young recreational players all the way to select and college programs.

I really enjoy coaching not just for my own kids or for the chance to give back to the game and to the soccer community. There is this challenge that comes out of each group of players. Each player and team has its own unique struggles bonding and becoming successful on and off the field. This sport can really teach some great life lessons. Work ethic, responsibility, preparedness, reliability, ethics, trust, representation within all that emotion that goes with being part of a team and competition.

Often I have questioned how much longer I will continue to coach and continue to volunteer on the soccer field. I still enjoy the moments and the relationships provided by this game. If you want to assist in any way with soccer in this community contact me through this web page and I can get you started. The need is great.

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