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Take Care Of Your Soul

Does it feel like the world is often off its rails? It seems patients report more

heartache and stress than ever before. It would seem daily life is designed to

speed us up and pull us away from the quality of what is simple and real. When is the last time you took a moment to consciously slow down, read a book, or watch a sunset without being on vacation? We need to be intentional and conscious about doing things to slow down in support of the palpable moments in our lives. To promote more concentration to the little, but important task of our daily lives, and take a step back putting away our cell phones and taking the time daily to encounter our natural world. Stop blowing through life at a rocket’s pace. Your soul needs a slower existence to be healthy and not empty all the time. A more natural pace of living will produce a fuller more natural experience not relying on the constant need for stimulation.

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