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Give yourself permission to simply pause, get quiet, settle down, and take a moment to reflect. Take a deep breath followed by a long exhale. Find a moment to check in with God. Remember everything has a way of working out.

Too much of our day is spent at super speed in our hyper-charged world. Too often we feel like a deer stuck in the head lights, surrendering to a fight or flight response. We run over text messages, faxes, and emails at a hyper-vigilant pace like flighty horses, unsettled jumping about. After all, the phone continues to ring, text messages never stop coming, and bills need paid. Always connected always going always on.

It’s too much; please take a step back and pause. Practice some soul care. Feel the wind, the sun, or just the simple smell of something soothing and familiar. Touch a rock, a tree branch, or take a stroll out in nature. I like to watch water swirl around rocks from the bridge over the river next to my office.

Look to things that nourish and replenish you. Leisurely strolls in nature, simple enjoyable moments, the smell of fresh cooked food, tea, or coffee.

Learn to take a pause in your busy day. You will thank yourself.


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